The meeting today was so much fun. There were lots of fun bits, but my favorite part was when my advisor told me in front of my boss, “it’s pretty clear you’ve learned absolutely nothing about interpersonal skills from your previous coops, so I think that’s something you can try to get out of this coop.” I thought I should earn some interpersonal skills points for not telling him to go fuck himself, but I guess I don’t.

God I can’t believe how much I miss those fucking racist, misogynist, homophobic, asshole interns. I just want to hug them and bring them back to work with me. If that doesn’t show you how miserable this internship is, I don’t know what would.



what mens rights activists really sound like

mens. rights. activists.




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I’ve replaced tumblr with 2048. Unsure whether that’s better or worse.

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SPACE Blogs: Which Orphan Black character are you?

Are you a Sarah or a Cosima? Maybe you’re a Paul or even a Felix? The point we’re trying to make here is you don’t know which Orphan Black character you are until you answer these 10 super-simple (and ya, kinda silly) questions to find out. Who knows, maybe you’re that dude with the icky human tail (Olivier, FYI)!


i can’t believe people get so angry about a bisexual spider-man. whatever. have your shitty bi/homophobic opinions. you’re an asshole anyway. i just can’t believe you’re robbing everyone of all the glorious ‘swings both ways’ jokes


sexual orientation: alone


Ughh why can’t I figure out how to do replies on my phone.

Anyway, I’m really glad you said that, because I’ve only seen one other person’s score before and it was like 22,000, so I’ve been assuming that was normal and hated myself lmfao.

But yesterday was the first time I ever got above 6,500, so idk, something just clicked. Perhaps channeling all my rage from work?

Best moment of the day: getting 11892 points and a 1024 tile in 2048. Halfway there.

I wish there was a way to get recordings of your own phone calls. Because I would just love to broadcast what my boss screamed at me when he called me while I was out buying my lunch (to bring back to the office) yesterday.

In other news, the other “job” is still somehow even more miserable and I’m still contemplating quitting showing up to both places and moving to Australia as soon as I graduate. At least fast food jobs pay more there and it’s not like I’m making money or great connections here. Ha. Ha. Ha.