that brick wall is perfection

I feel like I’m slowly being suffocated 24/7. Literally. It makes me even more angry, anxious, and unfocused than usual.



In very rare circumstances it is possible to see a full 360 degree rainbow from an airplane

target locked. firing lesbian ray


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What is that tumblr about nightmare apartments in NYC? B/c I need it in my life rn.


Red keepin it real


racoon… just simple a little thief…

Gonna start calling him Roadkill Ronan.

Not a lot happened in this episode, but I really liked it. It was SO beautifully lesbian, and the music was awesome. It just needed less Fitz, like always.

I miss tumblr for PLL. I’m watching it late bc I /forgot/ about it. And just OH MY GOD HANNAH. OH. MY. GOD. This episode is like wow

Anonymous asked: If your bosses keep treating you like shit then why put up with it? You deserve better

Oh so THAT’S where messages live on this app. Haaa

So, I quit the job I could (well, in secret) quit, but if I quit the one where they’re basically abusive (or if I get fired or if they find out I quit the other job or if I piss off my school advisors more than I already have), I’ll get a failure on my permanent transcript and the school will take disciplinary action against me. It’s a complicated mess. But short of hiring a lawyer good enough to battle a very rich university and declaring full-on war (which I’d happily do if I was richer and better connected - I would love to create some well-deserved problems for this vile university), I have absolutely no power in this situation. It’s infuriating and depressing as hell.

I’ve literally accomplished nothing today despite trying the whole day and I loathe myself.

So, I think it seems that I’m pretty done with tumblr. I’m glad that I just sort of grew out of it rather than consciously deciding to quit. Anyway, I can’t just post my twitter handle, but if you’d like it, or if you’d like to keep in touch via fb, pleeeeease message me. :)

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