Gonna start calling him Roadkill Ronan.

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Not a lot happened in this episode, but I really liked it. It was SO beautifully lesbian, and the music was awesome. It just needed less Fitz, like always.

I miss tumblr for PLL. I’m watching it late bc I /forgot/ about it. And just OH MY GOD HANNAH. OH. MY. GOD. This episode is like wow

Anonymous asked: If your bosses keep treating you like shit then why put up with it? You deserve better

Oh so THAT’S where messages live on this app. Haaa

So, I quit the job I could (well, in secret) quit, but if I quit the one where they’re basically abusive (or if I get fired or if they find out I quit the other job or if I piss off my school advisors more than I already have), I’ll get a failure on my permanent transcript and the school will take disciplinary action against me. It’s a complicated mess. But short of hiring a lawyer good enough to battle a very rich university and declaring full-on war (which I’d happily do if I was richer and better connected - I would love to create some well-deserved problems for this vile university), I have absolutely no power in this situation. It’s infuriating and depressing as hell.

I’ve literally accomplished nothing today despite trying the whole day and I loathe myself.

So, I think it seems that I’m pretty done with tumblr. I’m glad that I just sort of grew out of it rather than consciously deciding to quit. Anyway, I can’t just post my twitter handle, but if you’d like it, or if you’d like to keep in touch via fb, pleeeeease message me. :)

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In honor of the new episode tonight whooooooop

The only good thing about not being worth being paid is that at least my tax dollars aren’t going to the vile, ignorant, rude, entitled, incompetent cretins that I’m in indentured servitude for. I pray to god that I never again have to work with such pathetic, despicable people.

Evil roommate is moving out, and my last day at work is Friday. I might still be forced labor at the nightmare internship and living in fear of my school, but other things are getting better.

I wonder if anyone will ever notice I’ve been reading the same email for the past 6 hours. LOL. That’s a joke, because that’s like wondering if my grandparents will send me a $100 check for graduation. (They sent me an ugly-ass $10 bracelet.)